ÖKÄNDA FESTIVAL 2016 July 22-23 on Ven!



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Svenska Akademien Mash Up with General Knas & Sture Allén Den Yngre

Svenska Akademien emerged  in Landskrona in the late 90´s and quickly became known nation wide with their swinging Reggae HipHop sound. With the Sture Allen´s fast rap and General Knas heavy heavy bass they put Skånsk Ragga on the map and reached great success with songs like "Snapphaneklanen" "Resa Sig Opp" and praised covers like the ones made of Peps Persson's "Root Rock" "Styr Den Opp" and many others. Finally they are coming to Ökända Festival to perform the best of the best from Svenska Akademien and all the General's and Sture's solo hits in one great big MasUp!


Svenska Akademien       General Knas       Sture Allén Den Yngre


Svenska Akademien       General Knas       Sture Allén Den Yngre


Svenska Akademien       General Knas       Sture Allén Den Yngre



Swedish rap mother! With over 10 years on the hip-hop scene , she has made music with successful artists like Linda Pira , Adam Tensta , Alina Devecerski , Looptroop Rockers , Kristin Amparo , Sister Sol , Mwuana and Train Potters. Few artists in Sweden has Cleo's strong persona. Cleo and Vanessa Marko Founded feminist music collective Femtastic. With Femtastic they have gathered, inspired and created a scene for a large number of young women in urban music. This has led not only to long-term change in the music industry, but also built a strong and dedicated fanbase. Through her involvement, she has also laid the foundation for the Fatta campaign against sexual violence. Cleo is a respected and beloved live performer! She won the title "Best live act" on Kingsize Awards 2015 and "Best Live" at Manifest Awards 2016. She was also nominated for "Guld Micken" P3 Gold Awards in 2015. No one can stand still when Cleo starts kickin it at Ökända!


Essa Cham & Royal Sound Band

Essa Cham has his roots in Gambia but grew up and lives in Halmstad Sweden. After a few years in Oslo along with a number of guest appearances , own release and especially a number of live shows , now Essa Cham is a renowned name in the Scandinavian reggae and dancehall scene. After a number of English releases came out in 2014 , the Swedish debut with the single "Nått är på gång" which was followed by "Ödmjuk African" and the latest single "Du och Jag" . Currently , work is in full swing with the new material that we will take part of in 2016. Essa Cham has also become known for his live performances , especially with the live band The Royal Sound Band. Over the years, they 've built up a well-oiled sound and can truly guarante an amazing concert experience at Ökända Festival!


Kocy Logos

Founder of the Niten School in 2009, Kocy Logos is a longtime Paris Mc turned to betmaking and producing while moving to Berlin in 2010. With his long time partner and member of Niten School, Goten Ki, they started producing music and videos. In 2011 they released the first album of a series called "Summer Beat",inviting other Mc's, singers and musicians on the tracks. Hip-Hop fanatic and jazz lover, together they put a nice jazzy flavor with their sampling touch and old school vibe. Between Berlin and Paris the duo is now getting ready to release the ”Summer Beat” volume 3 this summer and getting realy excited about their very first gig in Sweden at Ökända Festival!



Ursprunget is a seven-member strong reggae band with roots in Helsingborg whose vision is to communicate socially critical texts that contribute to the thoughtfulness and positivity. The music is usually described as modern reggae with pop and rock influences that delivers a bomb of positive energy. Between 2013 and 2015 released an EP and four singles that have been met with very good response. Ursprunget has over the years been out on nearly 100 gigs around Sweden from Näsåker in the north to Österlen in the south. Ursprunget is out now with the single "Lurad" and their second EP "Välkommen" will be released this summer in time for their fourth gig at Ökända!  

Sara Bogale

Sara Bogale is coming out with here first EP and has for many years focused on her songwriting , but since 2014 she has also released music as a solo artist. Bogale works independent but allso have radio stations like Din Gata, Metropol and P4 that has picked up her songs. The style of music is a great mixture of styles and therefore difficult to describe, but the thread of music is her soulful voice. At Ökända Sara Bogale will make an magical acoustic gig with a great mix of pop , reggae , soul and backed by none ells than Fredrik Collin and Michael Landen!



Silly Selection

The Västerås-trio Silly Selection is a reggae and hip hop constellation but has no problem of mixing in most genres, and it really shows in their explosive and intense live show. With focus on spreding their message through slick lirics you can tell that these guys are passionate about their live show. An extremely synchronized and stage rocking crew that really plays with the audience and not for. In this summer they come to Ökända with a brand new show and the album "Yaki Haramuza"!



Institutionen is a reggae band from Landskrona who creates their own definitions of what reggae is and can be! Since their start in 2013 with their premier gig at Ökända, the band has gone through major changes and raised their own creative level to new hights. This summer, they finally returne to Ökända with the new singer Emelie Aura in front and the massive groove in your back pocket!  

Julia Frej

Julia Frej is a musician / songwriter / artist born in Stockholm. A great live performer who has a past as a model / hostess and was one half of the music duo humor Kakan & Julia at SVT along with Kakan Hermansson. The duo then went along and did the talk show Kaka på Kaka in two seasons in which Julia wrote the music. Since 2012 Frej is host for the reality show Ink Master Sweden. The same year she was also active in SVT's television series "The Spiral" and appered on "Historieätarna" with her guitar. She has been on the finals of "Plura's Kök" in Istanbul and "Pluras Paradis" performing with her own songs. The past two years, Julia made the music and the acting / playing the show "Alla kan äta julbord" with Erik Haag and Lotta Lundgren. Right now she doing her hit pod "Julia Frej Unplugged" with musical guests on "Perfect Day" and is in the studio this spring to record two EP's that will become her first album. Julia has appered with and opened for artists such as Mauro Scocco, Kleerup, Cleo and many others. This summer she will return to Ökända with her band to spred the important Word & Magic!  


Adee, whose real name is Ida Olsson, is a 27 year old singer, rapper and producer from Öland. Her career took off in 2014 with the single "Woman" as the official song for the political equality conference Nordic Forum in Malmö where she among others, performed live at the Malmö Arena and TV4. Adee has in recent years toured in the USA & Canada, played around Sweden and been opening for Silvana Imam. Her music moves throug the borderland between the pure soul and hip hop, which she blends with emotional song with rap in a unique way and has a sound like no other. She has released two Eps "One Step Closer" and "Honesty" She has also released two singles for the upcoming full length album scheduled for release in the fall.  


Rebel has been apart of the Danish reggae/dancehall scene for 10 years performing with artist like Mad Professor, Brother Culture, Kaka, Høyer Øye, General Knas, Lady Smita and TopGunn. Rebel spreads the vibe and the word with his music and hits like "Efterlyst" "Tag Tiden Tilbage" "Rundt på gulvet" and up coming dancehall release "Vis Mig Det" that has premiere at Ökända!  

Paloma & Lola

Since 2012, Paloma and Lola has performed at Ökända in different konstelations and this year will be no exception when they for the first time take place on our grand Amplitudo stage backed up by a new band! Lola Bonk is the intelligent poet that spits out one truth after another and with her feminist shoots she never misses the target! Her honesty and outspokenness have been called extreme but given the extreme world we live in it's only refreshing when someone dares to undress stereotypes in our everyday life, exposing what actually exists in all of us. Paloma Leal is a new star on the musical skyline that after years of singing and writing finally close to making an album. With lyrics that never leave anyone indifferent, and a presence on stage that can only be described as magical as she takes place on the stage at Ökända with her sister!  


Let yourself be drawn into a magical musical experience in Barsana 's enchanted world. A mix of groovy electronic beats , ambient spheres , Indian mantras , folk music, yoik and dance rhythms in a flamboyant , glitzy , extraterrestrial show!



MattiMatti is about creating from the moment. It is not about planning the future. 
It is based on waves not rhythm and melodie even if these are created by waves. 
All situations are different from each other and so is MattiMattis music.
So welcome into a moment that is not fixed that you may effect or that may effect you.


Erik Berg

Erik is a selecta at heart, a spreader of good vibes and a self proclaimed expert at making dance floors happy, moovin’ and groovin’. Even though he’s quite picky and only believes in music with an honest purpose, his spectrum is wide, and he rarely stays within the boundaries of specific genres or ”sounds”. But his musicality, as well as his passion, knowledge and straight up nerdiness for all things music, really shines through, because he somehow always makes it work and gets everybody into their dancing shoes!



Modual started as a creative electronic music project by Mikael Sjöberg and Olle Thulin 2008. Since the start the band has released three records. The music mixes melancholy melodies with heavy drums and massive bass and provides a mixture of dnb, reggae, dubstep and pop. Specially for Ökända Festival Modual have merged their music with trumpet player Adam Färnlöf and saxophonist Daniel Bjurling in a delightful mix where acoustic meets electronic. This cooperation is also represented on the band's forthcoming EP that will be released before the gig at Ökända!


Syster Trassel

Syster Trassel has been in love with music itself since childhood. She came to Ökända Festival last summer and kicked off such an incredibly Dj set that she just a few hours later had to do it again! The air is filled with Tech House and every foot wants to dance when Syster Trassel turns the knobs on the mixer and does what she loves most!



The Swedish duo Diamaz&Wu was formed in 2013 and consists of two childhood friends, Lennie Fogelberg and Andreas Carlehed. Originally from the southern city of Helsingborg, the guys are now based in Gothenburg and started making music together when Lennie moved to Gothenburg and teamed up with Andreas.With different musical backgrounds, they’ve found a common platform in minimal and tech house. Lennie has a background as a DJ and producer, and used to play drums. Andreas comes from a more versatile background and play several different instruments, have sung in a rock band and played in an orchestra. Make no mistake there will be dance a whole lot of dance at Ökända when Dimaz&Wu get their beats going!



Time Table Ökända 2016




Kl 17:30 Sara Bogale

Kl 20 Rebel

Kl 22:30 Silly Selection


Kl 16 MattiMatti

Kl 18:30 Julia Frej

Kl 21 Essa Cham

Kl 23:30 Svenska Akademien Mash Up med

General Knas & Sture Allèn Den Yngre


Kl 11 Yoga on the grass

Kl 13:30 workshops with rap, art and drums

Kl 14 FattaMan discussion groups about

equality (only for men)


Kl 17 Modual

Kl 19:30 Adee

Kl 22 Kozy Logos

Kl 01 Barsana


Kl 12:30 FattaMan open leicture about equality

Kl 16 Paloma & Lola 

Kl 18 Institutionen

Kl 20:30 Ursprunget

Kl 23:30 Cleo

Orbis Dj stage


Erik Berg
Dimaz & WU



Line Up 2016